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Students Against DUI - S.A.D. - is the seminar series hosted by Campbell Hall 2020 Graduating Senior Lily Benardout in honor of her brother.

Designed and targeted to tap into the zeitgeist, Lily will tour California public and private schools with an open yet unique discussion seminar to talk with students who have experienced the loss of a sibling or family member at the hands of a DUI tragedy.

Examining and discussing the experience of grief and loss as a teenager, Lily will speak from her heart and mind, sharing her story in what is an important part of individual healing and acknowledgement.

Utilizing targeted regional data, cognizance of each community’s adversity and responsibility will be examined.  Program Directives are being written in conjunction with supervision and training from Mother’s Against Drunk Driving.

Lily’s first engagement was at the MADD Teen Influencer Summit on November 2nd, 2019 - see pictures below.

For further details on the program, availability for speaking engagements or a free t-shirt, please click here.

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