An excerpt comparing the USA with other countries on DUI statistics.

"When people don't view drunk driving as a bad thing, they won't stop others from doing it.  They allow friends and family members to get behind the wheel of a vehicle after they have a few drinks.  As a result, they contribute to the problem.  In many of the countries with low drunk driving rates, drinking and driving is not acceptable behavior.  If someone witnesses you trying to drive drunk, then they will take your keys away.  There's also less peer pressure to drive home drunk.   In countries like the USA, some individuals fear what others will think of them if they don't drive after a few drinks.  They don't want to seem uncool or uptight.  To make drunk driving less of a problem, it's necessary to change the way people look at the issue." 


The Noah Benardout Foundation's work towards ending DUI tragedy needs YOUR support in every way shape and form.  From attending our curated musical events and committing to never DUI to spreading awareness to our younger generations through our S.A.D. (Students Against DUI) educational programming. 


Your participation is paramount. Your philanthropy in whatever capacity - time, money, volunteer work - is needed NOW.  This is about everyone's safety and everyone's right to be protected from reckless decision making that endangers everyone's lives.


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Progress and success in the fight against DUI tragedy will only be possible with support from all corners of society through distinct understanding and information of the chronic situation.  Without question it takes a village and consistent collaboration from advocacy groups that populate the space, government agencies that clearly struggle to contain the problem, corporate entities that lead with a responsibility to society, and individuals that truly become saints. 


The Foundation supports all the aforementioned groups and is actively beginning to work closely with the following organizations.  Please take a moment to click on their icons to understand the relevance of these associations.

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