The Noah Benardout Foundation was set up as a result of the tragic and sudden death of Noah at the hands of a reckless DUI driver.  Cut off in his prime, as his career blossomed, Noah was preparing to release his new music project under the artist name of LOVR®.

For the past two years, Noah had honed his craft as a producer-writer-artist developing significant industry relationships, music collaborations and brand connections in preparation for the official launch of LOVR®.  The world and industry has unquestionably lost a pure talent, who was filled with integrity and innovation that was set to inspire and entertain. Music was Noah's life.  An unwavering wish to unite people with lyrics and melodies that he wrote and worked on tirelessly, searching for perfection, and refining for audiences with levels of excellence far beyond his short years. 


The Noah Benardout Foundation will resolutely preserve his legacy and through music, the Foundation will strive to bring actionable information, awareness, and advocacy on the irresponsibility and recklessness of driving under the influence.  With the support of musicians and industry figureheads, the Foundation will organize music-themed benefit events that will promote  heightened awareness on DUI with hard-hitting facts and prevention consciousness that will permeate a generation.  Every 51 minutes, a life is taken as a result of DUI. This is a catastrophic statistic and has to change NOW.  In association with our advocate partners, The Noah Benardout Foundation is determined to be a part of this change.